consensus是什么意思 consensus的读音、翻译、用法

consensus是什么意思 consensus的读音、翻译、用法



1. There is a consensus among the members of the committee that the proposal should be rejected. (委员会成员已达成共识,认为该提案应该被拒绝。)

2. The government is seeking a consensus with the opposition parties on this issue. (政府正在寻求与反对党在这个问题上达成共识。)

3. The scientific community reached a consensus that climate change is caused by human activities. (科学界已达成一致意见,认为气候变化是由人类活动引起的。)

4. The company's management team is trying to reach a consensus on the new marketing strategy. (公司管理团队正在努力达成关于新营销策略的共识。)

5. The leaders of the two countries reached a consensus on the need for peaceful negotiations. (两国领导人已就需要进行和平谈判达成共识。)

6. The committee failed to reach a consensus on the best way to handle the budget shortfall. (委员会未能就如何处理预算赤字达成共识。)

7. There is a growing consensus among experts that the use of artificial intelligence will revolutionize many industries. (专家们日益达成共识,认为人工智能的应用将彻底改变许多行业。)

8. The party leaders are working to build a consensus among their members on the upcoming elections. (党派领导人正在努力在即将到来的选举中建立党员共识。)

9. The conference ended with a consensus among the delegates that more action is needed to address climate change.(大会以代表们达成共识结束,需要采取更多行动来解决气候变化问题。)

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