Peter Jennings是什么意思 Peter Jennings的读音、翻译、用法

Peter Jennings是什么意思 Peter Jennings的读音、翻译、用法

'Peter Jennings'是英语中的一个名字,可以翻译为彼得·詹宁斯。彼得·詹宁斯是一位著名的加拿大裔美国新闻记者和主持人,曾主持ABC新闻的《世界新闻今晚》节目。

以下是9个使用了Peter Jennings的例句:

1. Peter Jennings was a respected journalist who covered many important news events.(彼得·詹宁斯是一位受人尊重的新闻记者,曾报道许多重要的新闻事件。)

2. Many people admired Peter Jennings for his professionalism and integrity.(许多人因彼得·詹宁斯的专业精神和诚实可靠而钦佩他。)

3. In 2005, Peter Jennings passed away from lung cancer.(xx年,彼得·詹宁斯因肺癌去世。)

4. Peter Jennings was known for his clear and concise delivery of the news.(彼得·詹宁斯以清晰简明的新闻报道方式而闻名。)

5. ABC News paid tribute to Peter Jennings with a special program after his death.(彼得·詹宁斯去世后,ABC新闻用一份特别节目向他致敬。)

6. Peter Jennings received many awards for his contributions to journalism.(彼得·詹宁斯因对新闻事业作出的贡献而获得了许多奖项。)

7. In his career, Peter Jennings covered wars, natural disasters, and political events around the world.(在他的职业生涯中,彼得·詹宁斯报道了世界各地的战争、自然灾害和政治事件。)

8. Peter Jennings was a trusted source of news for many people around the world.(彼得·詹宁斯是许多人信任的新闻来源。)

9. The Peter Jennings Memorial Scholarship was established to support aspiring journalists.(成立了彼得·詹宁斯纪念奖学金,以支持有志成为记者的人。)

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