Sarcoptes scabiei是什么意思 Sarcoptes scabiei的读音、翻译、用法

Sarcoptes scabiei是什么意思 Sarcoptes scabiei的读音、翻译、用法

"Sarcoptes scabiei"这个词语来源于拉丁语,意为“疥螨”。

在中文中,Sarcoptes scabiei可以被翻译为“疥螨”,是一种引起疥疮的寄生虫。

以下是9个含有Sarcoptes scabiei的例句:

1. Sarcoptes scabiei是人类传染性疾病之一,常见于病毒肆虐的地区。(中文翻译:Sarcoptes scabiei is one of the infectious diseases in human, common in areas where viruses are rampant.)

2. 患有Sarcoptes scabiei的人会出现严重的瘙痒和皮疹。(中文翻译:People with Sarcoptes scabiei will experience severe itching and rash.)

3. Sarcoptes scabiei是一种极小的寄生虫,难以被肉眼观察。(中文翻译:Sarcoptes scabiei is a very small parasite that is difficult to observe with the naked eye.)

4. Sarcoptes scabiei寄生在人类的皮肤表层,造成严重的皮肤瘙痒和疹子。(中文翻译:Sarcoptes scabiei parasitizes on the surface of human skin, causing severe itching and rash.)

5. 检测Sarcoptes scabiei的最佳方法是通过皮肤切片检查。(中文翻译:The best way to detect Sarcoptes scabiei is through skin biopsy.)

6. Sarcoptes scabiei通常通过人类之间的直接接触传播。(中文翻译:Sarcoptes scabiei is usually spread through direct contact between humans.)

7. Sarcoptes scabiei的治疗通常包括局部药物治疗和口服药物治疗。(中文翻译:Treatment of Sarcoptes scabiei typically involves topical and oral medications.)

8. 为了防止Sarcoptes scabiei的传播,经常洗手和保持卫生非常重要。(中文翻译:Regular hand washing and maintaining hygiene is important to prevent the spread of Sarcoptes scabiei.)

9. 如果您怀疑自己患有Sarcoptes scabiei,应尽快就医。(中文翻译:If you suspect you have Sarcoptes scabiei, seek medical attention as soon as possible.)

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