Ulvophyceae是什么意思 Ulvophyceae的读音、翻译、用法

Ulvophyceae是什么意思 Ulvophyceae的读音、翻译、用法



1. The 'Ulvophyceae' group is a diverse group of green algae found in both marine and freshwater environments.('Ulvophyceae'组是一类存在于淡水和海水环境中的多样化的绿藻。)

2. 'Ulvophyceae' algae play an important role in the production of oxygen in the world's oceans.('Ulvophyceae'藻类在世界海洋氧气的产生中起着重要作用。)

3. Researchers are studying the potential medicinal properties of certain 'Ulvophyceae' species.(研究人员正在研究某些'Ulvophyceae'物种的潜在药用性质。)

4. The 'Ulvophyceae' algae can be used as a natural fertilizer for crops.('Ulvophyceae'藻类可以作为农作物的天然肥料。)

5. Some 'Ulvophyceae' species can be toxic to marine life if they accumulate in large amounts.(如果某些'Ulvophyceae'物种积聚过多,可能对海洋生物具有毒性。)

6. 'Ulvophyceae' algae are commonly used in food and cosmetic products.('Ulvophyceae'藻类广泛应用于食品和化妆品产品中。)

7. The 'Ulvophyceae' group includes both unicellular and multicellular organisms.('Ulvophyceae'组包括单细胞和多细胞生物。)

8. The 'Ulvophyceae' algae are able to photosynthesize and produce their own food.('Ulvophyceae'藻类能够进行光合作用并自己生产食物。)

9. Certain types of 'Ulvophyceae' algae are used in the production of biofuels.(某些类型的'Ulvophyceae'藻类在生产生物燃料中得到应用。)

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