structural是什么意思 structural的读音、翻译、用法

structural是什么意思 structural的读音、翻译、用法




1. The structural design of the new building is very innovative.(新建筑的结构设计非常创新。)

2. The structural integrity of the bridge was compromised after the earthquake.(地震后桥梁的结构完整性受到了破坏。)

3. The company is undergoing a structural reorganization.(公司正在进行组织结构上的重组。)

4. The structural formula of this molecule is very complex.(这个分子的结构式非常复杂。)

5. The structural beam needs to be reinforced to support the weight of the new machinery.(结构梁需要加强,以支撑新机器的重量。)

6. The study focused on the structural changes in the brain caused by the disease.(这项研究关注与疾病相关的大脑结构变化。)

7. The structural features of this material make it ideal for use in construction.(这种材料的结构特征使其非常适合用于建筑。)

8. The structural similarities between these two languages are striking.(这两种语言之间的结构相似之处非常明显。)

9. The structural differences between the two species are subtle but significant.(这两种物种之间的结构差异微妙但重要。)

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