Hod是什么意思 Hod的读音、翻译、用法

Hod是什么意思 Hod的读音、翻译、用法



1. The hod carrier struggled to lift the heavy load of bricks onto his shoulder.(搬运工艰难地将沉重的砖块装上肩膀。)

2. The construction worker used a hod to transport the mortar to the top of the building.(建筑工人使用搬运工具将砂浆运输到大楼顶部。)

3. The hod was piled high with sand and gravel for mixing concrete.(搬运工具上堆满了沙子和碎石,用于混凝土的混合。)

4. The hod carrier carefully balanced the load of bricks as he climbed the ladder.(搬运工人在爬梯子时小心地平衡砖块的重量。)

5. The foreman inspected the hod to ensure it was sturdy enough to hold the heavy materials.(领班检查搬运工具以确保它足够坚固,能够承载沉重的材料。)

6. The hod was left outside in the rain and rusted over time.(搬运工具被丢在外面被雨淋,在时间的流逝中生锈了。)

7. The hod carrier took a break and sat on the ground, wiping his brow with a rag.(搬运工人休息了一下,坐在地上,用布擦着额头。)

8. The hod was filled with broken bricks and debris from the demolition site.(搬运工具里满是拆迁现场的砖块和碎片。)

9. The apprentice learned how to properly balance the hod and distribute the weight evenly.(学徒学会了如何正确地平衡搬运工具,均匀地分配重量。)

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