puccinia graminis是什么意思 puccinia graminis的读音、翻译、用法

puccinia graminis是什么意思 puccinia graminis的读音、翻译、用法

'puccinia graminis'是拉丁语,中文翻译为“小麦锈菌”。


以下是9个含有“puccinia graminis”的例句:

1. Puccinia graminis has caused significant damage to wheat crops in recent years.('puccinia graminis'近年来对小麦作物造成了重大损害。)

2. Wheat leaves infected with puccinia graminis turn reddish-brown.(感染小麦锈菌的叶子会变成红褐色。)

3. Puccinia graminis can spread rapidly and lead to severe crop losses.(小麦锈菌可以迅速传播,并导致严重的作物损失。)

4. Farmers are advised to take preventive measures against puccinia graminis.(农民应采取预防措施防止小麦锈菌的发生。)

5. The spread of puccinia graminis can be controlled through fungicide applications.(通过使用杀菌剂可以控制小麦锈菌的传播。)

6. Puccinia graminis is a major threat to wheat production in many countries.(小麦锈菌是许多国家小麦生产的主要威胁。)

7. Genetic resistance to puccinia graminis is being studied in order to develop more resistant wheat varieties.(正在研究对小麦锈菌的遗传抗性,以开发更为耐锈的小麦品种。)

8. The spread of puccinia graminis can be accelerated by warm and humid weather conditions.(温暖潮湿的气候条件会加速小麦锈菌的传播。)

9. Puccinia graminis is one of the most destructive wheat pathogens in the world.(小麦锈菌是世界上最具破坏力的小麦病原菌之一。)

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