issue是什么意思 issue的读音、翻译、用法

issue是什么意思 issue的读音、翻译、用法



1. The issue at hand is how to reduce carbon emissions. (问题在于如何减少碳排放。)

2. They had a long discussion on the issue of gun control. (他们就管制问题进行了长时间的讨论。)

3. The company will issue new shares to raise capital. (公司将发行新股以筹集资金。)

4. The government issued a statement announcing the new policy. (发表声明宣布新政策。)

5. The magazine is issuing a special edition to celebrate its 50th anniversary. (杂志将发行一期特刊庆祝其50周年纪念。)

6. The bank refused to issue a loan to the company. (银行拒绝向该公司发放贷款。)

7. The teacher issued homework to the students. (老师向学生们布置了作业。)

8. The court issued a warrant for his arrest. (法院发布了他的逮捕令。)

9. The government issued a warning about the potential risks of the new technology. (发出了有关新技术潜在风险的警告。)

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