fascination是什么意思 fascination的读音、翻译、用法

fascination是什么意思 fascination的读音、翻译、用法



1. The beauty of the painting held my fascination for hours.(这幅画的美丽吸引住了我几个小时。)

2. She has a fascination for Chinese culture.(她对中国文化很着迷。)

3. The new CEO has a fascination for innovative technology.(新CEO对创新技术很着迷。)

4. The history of the city is a source of fascination for many tourists.(这座城市的历史吸引了许多游客。)

5. The novel's plot held my fascination until the very end.(小说的情节一直吸引着我,直到最后。)

6. The exotic cuisine and spices of India have always held a fascination for me.(印度的异国菜肴和香料一直吸引着我。)

7. The complexity of human behavior is a fascination for psychologists.(人类行为的复杂性吸引着心理学家。)

8. The underwater world is full of fascination for divers.(水下世界对潜水员来说充满了吸引力。)

9. The fascinating story of the old mansion has become a local legend.(这座古老的豪宅的迷人故事已经成为当地的传说。)

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