Shamian是什么意思 Shamian的读音、翻译、用法

Shamian是什么意思 Shamian的读音、翻译、用法

'Shamian'并不是一个国家的语言,而是一个地名。它是中国广东省广州市白云区的一个岛屿,因其地处珠江口南岸,形似沙滩而得名。Shamian Island通常被翻译为沙面岛或砂面岛。


1. Shamian Island is a beautiful scenic spot in Guangzhou.(沙面岛是广州的一个美丽的景区。)

2. Shamian Island used to be a foreign concession during the Qing Dynasty.(清朝时期,沙面岛曾是外国租界。)

3. There are many colonial buidlings on Shamian Island.(沙面岛上有许多殖民地建筑。)

4. The architecture on Shamian Island is a mix of Chinese and Western styles.(沙面岛上的建筑融合了中西方风格。)

5. Shamian Island is a popular location for wedding photographs.(沙面岛是婚纱摄影的热门景点。)

6. There are many cafes and restaurants on Shamian Island.(沙面岛上有许多咖啡馆和餐厅。)

7. Shamian Island is a great place for a leisurely stroll.(沙面岛是散步的好地方。)

8. Many foreigners used to live on Shamian Island during the 19th century.(19世纪许多外国人居住在沙面岛上。)

9. Shamian Island is a must-visit attraction for tourists in Guangzhou.(沙面岛是广州旅游的必去景点。)

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