engage是什么意思 engage的读音、翻译、用法

engage是什么意思 engage的读音、翻译、用法



1. She is engaged in a new project. (她参与了一个新项目。)

2. I am engaged to my boyfriend. (我和男友已经订婚。)

3. The company has engaged a new employee. (公司雇佣了一名新员工。)

4. The students were engaged in a cl discussion. (学生们正在进行一次课堂讨论。)

5. The actress is engaged to perform in a new movie. (这位女演员被邀请参演一部新电影。)

6. He engaged the services of a lawyer. (他雇佣了一名律师。)

7. The couple became engaged last Christmas. (这对夫妇上个圣诞节订婚了。)

8. I'm , I can't engage in this conversation anymore. (。)

9. The company has engaged a consultant to improve their sales strategy. (公司雇佣了一位顾问来改善他们的销售策略。)

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