Phyllachorales是什么意思 Phyllachorales的读音、翻译、用法

Phyllachorales是什么意思 Phyllachorales的读音、翻译、用法



1. Phyllachorales是一类在植物叶片上寄生的真菌。

Phyllachorales is a type of fungus that parasitizes on the leaves of plants.

2. 这种植物上长满了Phyllachorales真菌,看起来很不健康。

This plant is covered with Phyllachorales fungi, looking very unhealthy.

3. 叶斑菌目包括了许多令人惊奇的菌种,它们对于植物的繁殖能力有着重要的影响。

Phyllachorales includes many amazing fungi that have significant impacts on plant reproductive ability.

4. 这个实验室正在研究Phyllachorales真菌如何对植物的免疫系统造成影响。

This laboratory is researching how Phyllachorales fungi affect the immune system of plants.

5. 在这片森林中,Phyllachorales真菌可以在植物之间传播疾病。

In this forest, Phyllachorales fungi can spread diseases between plants.

6. Phyllachorales真菌可以利用植物的养分来寄生和繁殖。

Phyllachorales fungi can parasitize and reproduce by utilizing the nutrients of plants.

7. 研究人员正在考虑如何使用Phyllachorales真菌来控制某些植物的生长。

Researchers are considering using Phyllachorales fungi to control the growth of certain plants.

8. Phyllachorales真菌在某些植物品种中产生了显著的适应性,使得它们在低光照环境下仍能生长。

Phyllachorales fungi have demonstrated significant adaptability in certain plant species, enabling them to grow even in low-light environments.

9. 通过研究Phyllachorales真菌与植物的互动关系,我们可以更好地保护和利用这些有益的生物体。

By studying the interaction between Phyllachorales fungi and plants, we can better protect and utilize these beneficial organisms.

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