banqueter是什么意思 banqueter的读音、翻译、用法

banqueter是什么意思 banqueter的读音、翻译、用法



1. The banqueters enjoyed a sumptuous meal of lobster and steak.(宴客们享用了一顿美味的龙虾和牛排)

2. The banqueter was impressed by the elegant decorations and luxurious setting of the venue.(宴会嘉宾对场地的优雅装饰和奢华布置印象深刻)

3. The banqueter gave a heartfelt toast to the newlyweds.(宴会嘉宾发表了一次深情的祝福新人的敬酒仪式)

4. The banqueter was seated at the head table next to the host.(宴会嘉宾坐在主人旁边的主席台上)

5. The banquet hall was filled with elegantly dressed banqueters.(宴会厅里满是穿着优雅的宴客)

6. The banqueter was asked to RSVP to the invitation by the deadline.(宴会嘉宾被要求在截止日期前回复邀请)

7. The banqueter was delighted to receive a gift bag filled with souvenirs after the event.(宴会嘉宾在活动结束后收到了一袋装满纪念品的礼物袋,感到非常高兴)

8. The host greeted each banqueter with a warm smile and handshake.(主人向每一位宴会嘉宾友好微笑并握手问候)

9. The banqueter was impressed by the high-quality entertainment provided during the event.(宴会嘉宾对活动期间提供的高质量娱乐印象深刻)

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