Atakebune是什么意思 Atakebune的读音、翻译、用法

Atakebune是什么意思 Atakebune的读音、翻译、用法



1. 大型Atakebune是日本战国时期的主要海上武器,它们有着强大的火力和装甲。

Atakebune is the main naval weapon of Japan in the Warring States period, with powerful firepower and armor.

2. 在江户时代初期,Atakebune被用于保卫日本的海上贸易和远洋航行。

In the early Edo period, Atakebune was used to protect Japan's maritime trade and long-distance navigation.

3. 在日本海军的发展历程中,Atakebune被认为是前身。

Atakebune is considered the predecessor of the Japanese navy.

4. Atakebune通常需要大量的船员才能操作。

Atakebune usually requires a large number of crew members to operate.

5. 在海战中,Atakebune的攻击力和防御力十分重要。

In naval battles, the attack and defense power of Atakebune are very important.

6. 在日本的民间传说中,有无数次Atakebune与海妖的斗争。

In Japanese folklore, there are countless battles between Atakebune and sea monsters.

7. 这艘Atakebune被认为是非常珍贵的历史遗产。

This Atakebune is considered a very precious historical heritage.

8. Atakebune的设计非常适合海上交战的需求。

The design of Atakebune is very suitable for the needs of naval ware.

9. 在海上战争中,Atakebune被认为是制定战略的重要工具。

In naval ware, Atakebune is considered an important tool for strategizing.

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