servile是什么意思 servile的读音、翻译、用法

servile是什么意思 servile的读音、翻译、用法




1. I don't want to be seen as servile, but I respect my boss and want to keep my job. (我不想被看作是奴性的,尊重我的老板并想保住我的工作。)

2. The politician was criticized for his servile behavior towards wealthy donors. (这个家因向富有的捐赠者卑躬屈膝而受到批评。)

3. The young apprentice had a servile attitude towards his mentor, always eager to please him. (年轻的学徒对他的导师有奴性的态度,总是渴望取悦他。)

4. The dictator demanded servile obedience from his subjects, punishing any dissent harshly. (者要求他的臣民奴性地服从,对任何不同意见予以严厉惩罚。)

5. The manager's servile behavior towards the boss was embarrassing to watch. (经理对老板的奴婢般的行为让人尴尬。)

6. The servile butler did everything his master asked of him, without question. (这个奴性的管家不问任何问题,对他的主人所要求的一切都服从。)

7. The royal court was filled with servile les who would do anything to gain the king's favor. (皇家宫廷充满着奴性的贵族,他们会做任何事情来赢得国王的青睐。)

8. The salesperson's servile manner annoyed the customer, who felt pressured to buy something. (销售员的奴性态度让顾客感到压力,他们觉得购买了些什么。)

9. The journalist refused to be servile to anyone and always asked tough questions. (这位记者拒绝对任何人奴性,总是问出一些有难度的问题。)

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