sanderling是什么意思 sanderling的读音、翻译、用法

sanderling是什么意思 sanderling的读音、翻译、用法


1. The sanderling quickly scurried along the beach in search of food.(穿越鹬快速地沿着海滩寻找食物。)

2. A flock of sanderlings were seen flying together over the ocean.(一群穿越鹬一起在海洋上飞行。)

3. The sanderling's brown feathers blend in perfectly with the sand.(穿越鹬的棕色羽毛与沙子完美地融合在一起。)

4. It's amazing to see how quickly the sanderling can run across the sand.(看到穿越鹬能够多快地在沙子上奔跑真是不可思议。)

5. The sanderling is a migratory bird that travels long distances each year.(穿越鹬是一种每年会长途迁徙的鸟类。)

6. The sanderling's beak is perfectly shaped to pick up small marine creatures.(穿越鹬的喙非常适合捕捉小型海洋生物。)

7. The sanderling is a common sight along the coastlines of many countries.(穿越鹬是许多国家海岸线上常见的景象。)

8. The sanderling is a member of the sandpiper family, which also includes the turnstone and dunlin.(穿越鹬是鹬科的一种,还包括转鸻和滨鹬。)

9. During the winter months, many sanderlings can be found along the beaches of Florida.(在冬季,许多穿越鹬可以在佛罗里达州的海滩上找到。)

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