multiplier是什么意思 multiplier的读音、翻译、用法

multiplier是什么意思 multiplier的读音、翻译、用法



1. The multiplier for this equation is 5. (这个方程的倍增器是5。)

2. The company plans to increase its revenue by using a multiplier effect. (该公司计划利用倍增效应增加其收入。)

3. The government is implementing a multiplier strategy to promote economic growth. (正在实施倍增策略推动经济增长。)

4. The multiplier effect of tourism on local economies can be significant. (旅游业对当地经济的倍增效应可能相当明显。)

5. The multiplier principle states that each dollar spent can generate more than one dollar of economic activity. (倍增原则指出每一美元的支出都能产生超过一美元的经济活动。)

6. The multiplier effect of technology innovation can be huge. (技术创新的倍增效应可能非常巨大。)

7. The multiplier for this investment is 4, meaning it will generate four times the initial investment. (这项投资的倍增器是4,意味着它将产生四倍于初始投资的回报。)

8. The government is using a fiscal multiplier to stimulate the economy. (正在使用财政倍增器经济。)

9. The multiplier effect of education on individuals and society is well-documented. (教育对个人和社会的倍增效应已有充分证明。)

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