Loose是什么意思 Loose的读音、翻译、用法

Loose是什么意思 Loose的读音、翻译、用法

'Loose'这个词语来源于英语,通常被翻译为“松的、宽松的、散漫的、不牢固的”等。它可以用来描述物品、场景或人的状态、性质或行为。常见用法包括:loose clothes(宽松的衣服)、loose hair(散发的头发)、loose sand(松散的沙子)、loose cannon(莽撞的人)等。


1. The bolts were loose and needed to be tightened.(螺栓松了,需要拧紧。)

2. She prefers to wear loose clothing in the summer.(她喜欢夏天穿宽松的衣服。)

3. The dog ran loose in the park.(狗在公园里自由奔跑。)

4. The rock fell onto the loose soil and caused a small landslide.(石头掉在了松散的土壤上,引起了小型山体滑坡。)

5. His grip was too loose and he dropped the gl.(他握杯子的力度太松,杯子掉了。)

6. The chairman kept a loose rein on the committee.(对委员会的管控比较宽松。)

7. She has a loose tongue and often says things she shouldn't.(她有些口无遮拦,经常说出不该说的话。)

8. The boat became loose from the dock and drifted away.(船从码头松开,开始漂流。)

9. The building was deemed unsafe due to loose bricks.(由于松动的砖块,该建筑被认为不安全。)

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