vice是什么意思 vice的读音、翻译、用法

vice是什么意思 vice的读音、翻译、用法



1. 副职、副手、代理人

2. 罪恶、恶习、不良行为

3. 夹具、钳子、夹子


1. 他是公司的副总裁。(He is the vice-president of the company.)

2. 我们应该摒弃恶习。(We should get rid of bad vices.)

3. 他使用了钳子来拧紧螺丝。(He used a vice to tighten the screw.)


1. He was caught for his vices. (他因为他的恶习被抓住了。)

2. The vice-prinl will take over while the prinl is away. (副校长会代替校长在外出期间接管工作。)

3. He held the material in the vice while he drilled it. (他在夹子里夹住材料,然后钻孔。)

4. Gambling is a vice that can quickly become addictive. (是一种容易上瘾的恶习。)

5. The vice-president oversees the company's sales department. (副总裁负责监管公司的销售部门。)

6. He has been trying to overcome his vices for years. (他多年来一直在努力克服自己的恶习。)

7. The mechanic used a vice to compress the springs. (机械师使用夹子压缩弹簧。)

8. Drinking is a vice that can lead to health problems. (喝酒是一种可能导致健康问题的恶习。)

9. The vice-captain led the team to victory in the absence of the captain. (副队长在队长缺席时带领球队赢得了胜利。)

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