histosol是什么意思 histosol的读音、翻译、用法

histosol是什么意思 histosol的读音、翻译、用法


1. The histosol in this area is rich in organic matter and nutrients, it ideal for cultivating crops.(这个地区的腐殖土富含有机物和养分,非常适合种植农作物。)

2. The formation of histosols is closely related to the climate and vegetation of the region.(腐殖土的形成与该地区的气候和植被密切相关。)

3. The organic matter content of the histosol in this field has been significantly increased after years of fertilization.(经过多年的施肥,这块田地的腐殖土有机质含量显著增加。)

4. The histosols found in wetland areas are important carbon sinks and play an important role in the global carbon cycle.(湿地地区发现的腐殖土是重要的碳汇,在全球碳循环中起着重要作用。)

5. The thickness of the histosol layer in this region varies from a few centimeters to several meters.(这个地区的腐殖土层厚度从几厘米到数米不等。)

6. The formation of histosols is a gradual process that takes place over thousands of years.(腐殖土的形成是一个持续几千年的渐进过程。)

7. The unique properties of histosols make them suitable for use in horticulture and agriculture.(腐殖土的独特性质使其适合用于园艺和农业。)

8. The histosol found in this area can be used to improve the soil structure and fertility of nearby agricultural fields.(该地区发现的腐殖土可用于改善附近农田的土壤结构和肥力。)

9. The formation of histosols is influenced by various factors, such as water availability, temperature, and vegetation cover.(腐殖土的形成受到多种因素的影响,如水分可用性、温度和植被覆盖等。)

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