Cleaning是什么意思 Cleaning的读音、翻译、用法

Cleaning是什么意思 Cleaning的读音、翻译、用法


这个词语是指去除污垢、灰尘等杂物,使物品恢复清洁、干净的状态的行为。'Cleaning'这个词语可以用作名词或动词,如:'cleaning cloth'(清洁布)、'cleaning the room'(打扫房间)等。


1. I am cleaning my kitchen.(我正在清洁我的厨房。)

2. The cleaning lady comes once a week.(清洁女工每周来一次。)

3. The cleaning solution was too strong.(清洁液太浓了。)

4. I need to go buy some cleaning supplies.(我需要去买一些清洁用品。)

5. She's been cleaning all day.(她一整天都在打扫。)

6. We need to schedule a cleaning for the office.(我们需要为办公室安排一次清洁。)

7. The cleaning crew did a great job.(清洁队干得很棒。)

8. Can you help me with the cleaning?(你能帮我打扫一下吗?)

9. This cleaning product is eco-friendly.(这种清洁产品是环保的。)

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