Dysaphis plantaginea是什么意思 Dysaphis plantaginea的读音、翻译、用法

Dysaphis plantaginea是什么意思 Dysaphis plantaginea的读音、翻译、用法

"Dysaphis plantaginea"是拉丁语,中文翻译为欧洲绿桃蚜,它是一种常见的果树害虫,在苹果、梨、石榴等果树上会造成损害。

以下是9个含有"Dysaphis plantaginea"的例句:

1. Dysaphis plantaginea, the green apple aphid, is one of the major pests of apple trees.(Dysaphis plantaginea是苹果树的主要害虫之一。)

2. The most effective way to control Dysaphis plantaginea is through biological control methods.(通过生物控制方法是控制Dysaphis plantaginea最有效的方法。)

3. Dysaphis plantaginea can cause stunted growth of the fruit trees and reduce yields.(Dysaphis plantaginea会导致果树萎缩生长并减少产量。)

4. Gardeners should monitor their apple trees regularly for signs of Dysaphis plantaginea infestation.(园丁应经常检查苹果树,以发现Dysaphis plantaginea的入侵迹象。)

5. The green peach aphid, Dysaphis plantaginea, can also infest peach trees.(绿桃蚜Dysaphis plantaginea也会侵染桃树。)

6. Dysaphis plantaginea can be controlled through the use of insecticides, but this can have negative consequences on beneficial insects.(可以通过使用杀虫剂来控制Dysaphis plantaginea,但这可能会对有益昆虫造成负面影响。)

7. The feeding by Dysaphis plantaginea can cause leaves to curl and become distorted in shape.(Dysaphis plantaginea的取食会导致叶片卷曲并变形。)

8. Farmers may use sticky traps to monitor the population of Dysaphis plantaginea in their orchards.(农民可以使用粘性陷阱来监测他们果园中Dysaphis plantaginea的数量。)

9. Natural predators, such as ladybugs, can help to control populations of Dysaphis plantaginea.(天敌,如瓢虫,能帮助控制Dysaphis plantaginea的数量。)

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